About Us


Massive Therapeutics is committed to the global movement, demand, and power of medical cannabis. Strategically positioned in Jamaica which is poised to become the worlds leading producer.

Competitive Advantage and The Environment

Greenhouses take advantage of our most abundant and free lighting resource, the sun. Indoor climate control systems allow for environmental regulation in any climate at any time of year, while still using fewer resources than strictly indoor cultivation. To demonstrate the advantage in terms of cooling costs, hybridized greenhouses cost 10% of an indoor warehouse. Hybrid greenhouses reduce environmental impact while decreasing the cost of production of the cannabis. 


Our local partners and parish are head manned by Peter Thomas. Peter has vast experience in large scale commercial agricultural operations in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. Spanning over a decade, Peter has also served as the production manager for the largest coffee company in the Blue Mountain region. Working together with the local parish, the community members are experts in cultivation, science and management.

The Obvious

Massive Therapeutics Jamaican operations is committed to the best greenhouse technologies and practices. Our knowledgeable team has over 30 years in greenhouse and orchard management. The local workforce is considered some of the most talented farmers on the globe. Jamaica has many cost advantages over Canada, the US and Europe, making it the ideal location for our venture.