Professional Marijuana Growers

Producing High Quality Medical Grade Oils and Flower

Hybrid Greenhouse Growing in Legal Markets

In Various Caribbean markets Massive Therapeutics has chosen to use a hybrid style of greenhouse that has ridged walls and support structure. Combined with high tech watering and monitoring systems to ensure healthy plants.

We chose to use this method in this climate because it provides high yields while taking advantage of natural sunlight year round.

Cannabis is the Healing Prescription of Tomorrow.

How We Grow

Over 88 Acres of land in various Carribean markets under the watchful eye of experts in cultivation, science, and management skills honed over the last 50+ years of agriculture experience

Downstream Agreements

Strong relationships with buyers in various global markets pre arranged to take delivery of product

Growth & Cultivation

Using some of the best automation technology and professional cannabis growers to grow up to 3 crops per year


Quality of our products is very important. Based on our downstream agreements we ensure to process oils and flower to the agreed upon deliverables

Grow With Us

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